Earn money with the WMmail affiliate program

From the amount earned by your referrals, you will receive a certain percentage. The referral system is 5-level. The first level is those referrals who have registered using your ref link. Users who have registered using your referral's referral link become your level 2 referrals, and so on, while you…

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Minimum payout: 0.1$

Referral system: 5 levels, up to 10%

Payments: WMZ, YooMoney, Payeer, Credit Cards, Perfect Money, QIWI


If you cannot attract a referral yourself, you can purchase it on the referral exchange.
On the referral exchange, you can buy first-level referrals from other users or from the administration, in this case, referrals who have registered in the system without a referral link are sold.
In addition, you can sell your level 1 referrals to other users.
Referral prices depend on its activity. For each referral, information is given about how many letters were sent to him, and how many of them he read. Naturally, the price for an active referral will be quite high, especially if he has been registered in the system for a long time and he has a large number of read letters.
If the referral is also an advertiser (orders a paid newsletter or surfing), the price for such a referral will rise even higher, because this is additional income for the referral.
On the exchange, referrals are arranged in the order that is related to their priority - the higher the priority, the higher the referral is (in order for the referral to have a high priority, it will be necessary to pay a certain amount).
Naturally, it is better not to take risks and buy a referral who has not read a single letter. It is also not worth buying referrals who have a big difference between the letters sent and read.
A referral who has not been sent a single letter is a newcomer, there is a certain risk when buying such a referral, because it can work well in the future, recoup the money spent on its purchase and bring income. But it may happen that this referral will not work in the system, and you will simply lose your money. Although this option is not excluded with active referrals, any of them can quit working in the system, so buying referrals is somewhat like a lottery.
When buying a referral, you must have enough money in your account to purchase it. If you do not have such an amount, first earn it, or enter it into the system via WebMoney or E-gold.
Immediately after buying a referral, it will appear in your "Referrals" section.
If desired, you can assign bonuses to your referrals, which will be paid automatically when the condition specified in the bonus description is met.