Only real users with unique IP addresses in IPweb

The service of promotion and earnings on the Internet. Motivated traffic for websites and social networks.

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Types of advertising: Visits, banners, video ads, arbitrary tasks, social networks, browser extension

Referral system: 2 levels, up to 9%

Deposits: WMZ, YooMoney, Payeer, Credit Cards, Perfect Money, QIWI


Quick result

You can get the right amount of traffic on the day of the order, whether it's visitors on the site, subscribers in social networks, views or likes. Create an advertising campaign, top up your account with any amount, and in a few minutes you will receive the first visitors.

Real users

We offer only real live traffic with 100% absence of bots and automatic attendance cheating. Our users are real people, so their actions are correctly taken into account by any counters and analytics systems, and social networks are not blocked.

Detailed setup

You can set up geographic targeting, specify the gender and age of visitors, and receive only the desired traffic. You can also set the depth of site viewing, the exact paths and clicks on ads, specify the bounce rate, and set the time of impressions by day of the week or by hour.

Low prices

One visit to your site costs only 13 kopecks, and any other advertising costs from 5 rubles per click.
IPweb is the most profitable way to attract live traffic.